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Honey Varieties Available To Purchase Online


All deliveries are via Australia Post: Please note our humble, rural honey shop is based an hour north of the Perth CBD, Western Australia. Therefore our location may have a small impact on postage times. We send all parcels via Australia Post with the advice of a 3-5 business days postage time. This is an estimated time frame given and unfortunately here at West Coast Honey, we are unable to influence or change this. We strive to get all orders fulfilled in the speediest manner. Please be sure to allow time for your order to make its way from our shop to you.

We choose to use recycled packaging so there is no extra charge and no hidden costs added to our honey products.


A light to medium thick honey with a Banksia Woodlands feel to it.


This delectable honey variety has a dark and rich flavour similar to a burnt caramel or treacle. A favourite among those who love a honey with a more prominent flavour profile. The darker colour in the Blackbutt honey comes from a naturally higher mineral content.


Deliciously light and creamy, our creamed honey is a favorite for all ages! The perfect choice for sandwiches or as a spread on toast or crumpets. Our creamed honey has no other added ingredients- only pure raw honey! Best kept under 24 degrees Celsius to keep its creamy smooth texture.


This delicious honey variety comes from around Coolgardie in Western Australia’s Goldfields. A mix of Coral Gum & Snap and Rattle, this honey is light, sweet, thick and golden in colour. A perfect choice for when your searching for that perfect sweet drizzle on top of a tasty treat.


Our 100% Pure Raw Jarrah honey is produced by our bees collecting nector from the pristine Jarrah forests of Western Australia. This unique healing honey has been shown to have stronger antimicrobial properties than Manuka honey.

Five generations of beekeepers providing Western Australia with pure monofloral varietal honey to tantalise your tastebuds.


Beautifully thick with a caramel flavouring, Karri Honey is a sort after variety of honey due to its rarity- the Karri trees only flower once every seven years or so. This honey settles into a fine crystalisation with a fudge like texture.

Redgum - Marri (Corymbia calophylla)

Our Raw Redgum honey is deliciously light and sweet with a slight sharpness to it at the end. Recently, Redgum honey (also known as Marri) has had a lot of attention regarding its properties and antimicrobial potential, which is showing to be comparable to Jarrah honey. This season has seen a great honey flow from our Redgums here in Western Australia.

Whitegum - Wandoo

This delicious honey is light in colour and smooth in texture. A sweet toffee like flavour makes this variety a popular choice with the children and a great substitute in baking or as a sweetener in hot drinks and smoothies. Whitegum honey will crystalise fairly rapidly as the weather cools down, into a smooth and fine crystalisation not dissimilar to a creamed honey in texture.


Our Wildflower honey has been produced by our bees feeding along the pristine Western Australian Coast. A mix of coastal wildflowers which can change from season to season, influencing the flavor base of this honey. Light, sweet and floral in flavor with a tendency to crystalise fairly quickly in the cooler weather.

100% Pure West Australian Beeswax

Pure beeswax - foodsafe and ready for use. Average weight for each block is 100g. The exact weight of the block of beeswax May vary slightly.