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Honey Varieties

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Banksia (Menzies)

In 2006 we saw the first good winter Banksia flow for some years. This honey comes from our States Coastal Conservation Reserves close to home. It is a light to medium thick honey with a Banksia Woodlands feel about it.



Coastal Blackbutt (Eucalyptus todtiana) aslo known as prickly Bark due to the rough feel of its bark. Collected on our coastal country west of Gingin. It is a dark to medium coloured honey with what we call, a full rounded/bodied flavour unlike any other eucalypt. Very popular with people of European decent and those who like something different.



A blend of liquid eucalypt honey seeded with crystallised honey and beaten to create a smooth texture. A very light creamy honey. Especially enjoyed by children. A perfect spread as it stays on your muffin, crumpet or bread. Yummy on corn or rice cakes for the gluten free people or for a light snack.

Our customers tell us it's great in coffee - makes the coffee nice and frothy.



Only found in the State Forests of Western Australia. Gathered from the Lower South Western corner of WA near Harvey. Pure Jarrah honey will never crystallise. The Jarrah trees flower every second year and the honey is collected from our State’s National Forests. Due to past dry seasons and short rainfalls the Jarrah trees are not producing as they did in previous decades.

Jarrah honey has similarities to the richness of natural timber with a slightly rough texture, of medium colour not unlike the red tonings of the raw timber. An acquired taste that grows on you.

A medicinal /antimicrobial honey with it’s own Hydrogen peroxide (created by nature). Excellent for healing open wounds or burns or as a facial mask. For more information click here.


Karri (Eucalyptus diversicolor)

Collected from the Karri forest of our lower south west of WA near Pembertson. A Pale golden honey in colour. This honey is quite delicate and sweet flavour. Crystalis's in 1-2 months in cooler weather into a smooth crystalisation.


Redgum - Marri (Corymbia calophylla)

Produced from our local Redgums in Gingin and from North Dandalup Reserve. Redgum is a light to medium honey with a slight bite to it. A favourite with most Western Australians.


Whitegum - Wandoo

(Eucalyptus wandoo) and Powderbark Wandoo (Eucalyptus accendens)

From New Norcia and Conservation Reserves it is of a light colour with a very smooth caramel texture and flavour that settles into a beautiful crystallisation.


Wildflower (Coastal Heath)

Also comes from the states coastal Conservation Reserves. A very smooth light honey, a little aromatic with a distinctive floral flavour. Popular with overseas visitors as it is unlike any other honey.


Please Note we are not certified as organic at this stage.
For Bulk prices please give our shop a call on (08) 9575 1250.

The majority of our honey is collected from our State Forests and Conservation Reserves and is a Natural unfiltered product direct from our 1,500 bee hives and collected by our third and fourth generation beekeepers.

"Kuyan Apiaries" A third generation Australian Award winning Family Business.